Best Leveling Kits for Ram 1500

The 9 Best Leveling Kits for Ram 1500: A Comprehensive Review & Buying Guide

Leveling kits are one of the most popular modifications for truck owners, and it makes complete sense. They provide a range of benefits, including improved ride quality, increased stability, and a more aggressive stance.

Ram 1500 owners, in particular, face a unique set of challenges regarding leveling kits. They need a kit that can handle the weight and power of this heavy-duty truck while still providing a smooth ride. And with so many different types of leveling kits available, it can be challenging to know which one will work best for your specific needs.

That’s why we’ve written this comprehensive guide to help you pick the best leveling kits for your Dodge Ram truck. 

Our aim here is to provide you with a list of the top options on the market and help you understand the key factors to consider when choosing a leveling kit. Whether a seasoned truck owner or a beginner, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision. So let’s dive in!

Our top picks for the best leveling kits for Ram 1500

1 MotoFab Lifts DR-3-3

Best 3″ front leveling kit for Ram 1500

  • 3″ true front rise
  • US Made and came with a lifetime warranty
  • CNC cut with black powder-coated aluminum lifts
  • Dodge RAM 1500 4WD 2006-2018 only
  • No need for strut/coil disassembly

    The MotoFab Lifts DR-3-3 is an exceptional leveling kit for your 4×4 Ram 1500 that offers a great blend of durability, affordability, and performance. 

    This 3-inch aggressive leveling kit helps level out the front of the Ram 1500, giving it a better stance and improved handling on the road. Made from high-quality materials, MotoFab is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily driving. It helps up your game and provides the luxury of installing those tall tires you always wanted. 

    The made-in-America mod is the craft of high-grade CNC-cut aluminum topped with black powder coating.

    Installation of the MotoFab is straightforward. You can do it in a matter of hours without needing special tools or expertise, making it an accessible option for do-it-yourselfers. You don’t even need to disassemble that struct coil for installation.

    Whether using your truck for work or play, the MotoFab Lifts DR-3-3 leveling kit will provide you with the performance and durability you need.

    However, it is crucial to note that this kit is unsuitable for everyone. This kit may not be the best choice if you plan to do heavy off-roading with your Ram 1500. Otherwise, I recommend giving this kit.


    • A high-quality kit that’s manufactured in the USA.
    • The kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Offers lifetime replacement warranty.


    • The kit is only compatible with 4WD Dodge Ram 1500 pickups, so it may not be suitable for other vehicles.
    • Not for extreme off-roaders.

    2. KSP 2.5-inch Front Leveling Kit

    • 2.5 inch of front rise
    • Fits 2006-2021 Ram 1500 4WD only
    • Easy to install in 2 hours with full instructions
    • Made in the USA with a two-year replacement warranty

    KSP Strut Spacers is a highly anticipated leveling kit in the market for Ram 1500, especially for truck owners looking to add a touch of style and performance to their vehicles. With a focus on quality and durability, the KSP Strut Spacers promises to deliver a smooth and seamless lift without sacrificing the ride quality.

    In terms of performance, the KSP Strut Spacers offer a noticeable improvement in the truck’s handling and stability, especially when driving off-road. The additional height provided by the spacers enhances the vehicle’s overall look, making it more commanding on the road.

    Again, installation is easy for this leveling kit as well. You can install the Spacers within hours without any special tools or equipment required. This makes the KSP Strut Spacers an attractive option for those who want to add a lift to their truck without breaking the bank on professional installation.

    Besides, KSP Strut Spacers can easily withstand the harshest conditions and rugged terrains thanks to quality construction.

    With its easy installation process, improved performance, and exceptional durability, the KSP Strut Spacers are an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their 2006 to the 2021 Ram 1500 4WD truck.


    • Improves the overall look of the vehicle, giving it a more aggressive and lifted appearance
    • Enhances the off-road capabilities and performance of the vehicle
    • Easy to install with basic hand tools
    • Made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity
    • Increases ground clearance for better clearance over obstacles and rough terrain
    • Improves the handling and stability of your truck at high speeds.


    • It may require adjustments to the alignment and suspension components to achieve optimal performance.
    • Some people have reported a decrease in ride comfort after the installation.
    • It may not be compatible with all types of wheels and tires.

    3. Supreme Suspensions 3″ T6

    For 94-2011 Ram 1500 2WD

    • Provides 3-inch true front lift
    • Coil spring-level style
    • Fits Ram 1500 2WD model 1994-2011
    • Aluminum construction for durability

    I have got to accept that not as many options are available for 2WD Ram trucks as for 4WD. So if you own an earlier-gen 2WD Ram 1500 truck from 94 to 2011 and want to add a little more life to it, then the 3-inch leveling kit is a must-have upgrade. The T6 Billet Aluminum-made kit can easily withstand intense loads and aggressive usage.

    As for the performance, the Supreme Suspension looks great under the hood and provides a solid and durable lift that won’t wear out over time.

    The 3″ lift is perfect for those who want to give their Ram 1500 a more aggressive stance without sacrificing comfort or handling.

    In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the Supreme Suspensions 3″ T6 Front Leveling Kit also improves the off-roading capabilities of your truck. The increased ground clearance allows you to tackle rough terrain and obstacles confidently.

    Supreme Suspension is a US-made kit with superior quality backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. Similarly, the installation process is a breeze thanks to detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. You can even save some bucks spent on professional installation. 

    All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable front leveling kit that gives you extra room to fit in those big tires, then the Supreme Suspensions 3″ T6 Front Leveling Kit is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to check out these best-selling tires for Ram 1500.


    • Provides a 3″ front lift, giving your Ram 1500 a more aggressive stance.
    • Made from high-quality T6 billet aluminum for durability and strength
    • Easy to install with clear instructions included
    • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing or material defects
    • Compatible with 2WD models


    • Only compatible with 2WD Ram 1500 models, not applicable for 4WD versions
    • Some users have reported issues with the kit’s durability over time

    4. The MotoFab Lifts DR-2.5

    The MotoFab Lifts DR-2.5

    Leveling kit for 5th Gen Ram 1500

    • 2.5 inch of front rise
    • Easy to install with full instructions
    • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
    • Fits 5th gen Ram 1500 4WD 2006-2023

    Next up at 5 is MotoFab. The 2.5-inch leveling kit is suitable for a 4WD variant of 5th Gen Ram 1500 with a model year between 2006-2023. The kit enhances your truck’s appearance and functionality, providing a more leveled and balanced stance to your Ram 1500.

    The DR-2.5 leveling kit is constructed using high-quality materials for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. It is exclusively engineered for Ram trucks, so you can rest assured of a smooth perfect fit and seamless integration. MotoFab is beginner-friendly that’s easy to install, with the simple instruction to follow.

    Furthermore, one of the standout features of the MotoFab DR-2.5 leveling kit is its ability to provide improved ride quality. With a more level and balanced stance, your Ram 1500 will handle better on the road and provide a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating rough terrain, you can expect a smooth and stable ride with this kit installed.

    The DR-2.5 leveling kit is compatible with most types and sizes of tires, including bigger ones. So you can upgrade your wheels and tires for enhanced performance and appearance. And, with its affordable price point, this kit is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their Ram 1500 without breaking the bank.


    • Easy to install with complete instructions
    • Improves the appearance of the Ram 1500
    • Compatible with most aftermarket wheels and tires
    • Affordable price compared to other leveling kits on the market


    • It may require additional suspension tuning for the best performance
    • Not recommended for heavy-duty off-road use
    • It can cause some alignment issues with larger tires
    • Some users have reported an impact on ride quality.

    5. ZY Wheel 2.5″ Leveling Kit

    ZY Wheel 2.5" Leveling Kit

    For 06-2018 Ram 1500 4WD

    • Provides 3 inches of front lift
    • Fits 2006-2018 Ram 1500 4WD trucks
    • Provided with easy-to-follow instructions
    • Space-type level kit
    • Not for trucks with Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension
    • Constructed using Billet Aluminum 

    The ZY Wheel leveling kit is perfect for those with 2006-18 Ram 1500 trucks with four-wheel drive. The highly-rated kit adds to the look of your vehicle without being too aggressive. It’s a versatile solution to add a touch of extra height and improved handling. The leveling kit raises the front of your truck by 3 inches.

    One of the best things about this kit is its compatibility with various drive types, including Ram 1500 featuring 4WD and 4X4 capabilities. Besides, the ratio between lift height and kit thickness is impressive, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even when driving over rough terrain.

    Installation of the ZY Wheel kit should be easier for most people with basic mechanical knowledge. 

    The kit has everything you need to get the job done, including strut spacers and all necessary hardware.

    Another great thing about this product is the level of customer satisfaction it has garnered. Leveling kit has received positive feedback from many satisfied customers. 

    Overall, the ZY Wheel Front Leveling kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to add height and style to their Ram 1500. With its versatility, ease of installation, and high level of customer satisfaction, this lift kit is worth considering.


    • Increases ground clearance for off-road adventures or clearing obstacles
    • Easy to install with simple hand tools and basic mechanical skills
    • Made of high-quality materials for durability and longevity
    • It can improve handling and stability, especially when hauling heavy loads


    • The kit can result in a rougher ride due to the increased height
    • It may require re-calibration of the vehicle’s alignment and suspension settings
    • It can void the warranty on some vehicles
    • It likely will require the purchase of larger tires to maintain the correct tire to fender clearance.

    6. Dynosoft FF-L010-2 Leveling kit

    dynofit Raise 2 Inch Front Strut Spacer

    For 2006-2020 4WD Ram 1500

    • Provides 2 inches of front lift
    • Fits 2006-20 Ram 1500 with 4WD only
    • Easy to install with instructions for DIY
    • Strut Space type kit
    • Aluminum construction

    Enters Dynosoft. The FF-L010-2 series leveling kit from Dynofit 2 is an excellent solution for 4WD Ram 1500 with model years between 2006 to 2020. It offers impressive leveling and an enhanced muscular appearance.

    Some remarkable features worth mentioning include its CNC-machined billet aluminum construction. The top mount design allows for maximum stability, so you can be confident that your truck will remain level, even during tough off-road conditions. 

    Its 2-inch raise provides enough lift height to run up to a 295/60R20, making it a versatile option for Ram 1500 owners.

    As for the appearance, the Dynofit 2 transforms the look of your truck, giving it an aggressive, sporty appearance that quickly stands out from the crowd. 

    Whether cruising around town or heading out on a road trip, your Ram 1500 will look great and perform even better with this kit.


    • It can quickly improve ground clearance and the overall stance of the vehicle.
    • Enhanced stability and better handling due to improved suspension geometry.
    • Easy installation with minimal modifications required to the original suspension.
    • High-quality construction and materials ensure durability and longevity.
    • Compatible with most aftermarket wheels and tires.


    • It may cause some changes in the ride quality, making it slightly rougher.
    • Possible negative impact on the alignment and the vehicle’s factory warranty.
    • Some additional load on the suspension components can lead to wear and tear.
    • A higher center of gravity may make the vehicle less stable in off-road conditions.

    7. Daystar 2.5″ leveling kit

    Daystar level kit 4WD

    For 4th Gen 2009-17 Ram 1500

    • Provides 2.5-inch front lift
    • Fits 2009-2017 Ram 1500
    • Support all transmission type
    • High-quality and US made
    • Polyurethane built

    Don’t get confused with the brand name of the earlier. If you want to level out that 4th generation Ram 1500 of yours with something dependable, then the Daystar 2.5 is something you should consider. 

    The superior kit has received positive feedback from tonnes of drivers who tried it. It won’t just improve ground clearance and enhance the vehicle’s performance but will also make it even more modern. The kit is constructed using high-density polyurethane that ensures durability and long-lasting performance. 

    You can expect a noticeable ride quality and stability improvement, especially when driving on rough or uneven terrain. The added ground clearance allows for the use of larger tires, which can further enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.

    The Daystar leveling kit is reasonably priced in terms of value for money and offers a good balance between cost and quality.


    • The leveling kit is designed for easy installation and does not require tricky modifications or special tools.
    • Offers improved driving experience
    • It helps tackle those off-road terrains and other obstacles.


    • The leveling kit may be expensive compared to other options on the market.
    • It an eat up some of your fuel efficiency.
    • The increased height can impact the handling of the Ram 1500 negatively.

    8. Rough Country 2″ Leveling kit

    Rough Country 2

    For 3rd Gen Ram 1500 2WD

    • It provides 2 inches of frontal lift
    • Fits 1994-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD trucks
    • Easy DIY installation with instructions
    • Lifetime replacement warranty

    The Rough Country 2″ leveling kit is a game-changer that can boost any vehicle’s performance. Being the 8th option in the list of 9, the kit is a popular choice among truck enthusiasts due to its exceptional performance to 3rd gen Ram 1500 trucks with two-wheel drive (2WD).

    The easy-to-install RC 2-inch kit allows you to bring those larger tires under the axle and efficiently tackle any off-road obstacles.

    In terms of ride quality, many people have observed better handling, stability, and more confidence on the road after installing the Rough Country 2″ Kit. It also improved the overall driving experience by reducing body roll and providing a more comfortable ride.

    The Rough Country leveling kit is made from highly tensile material with precision laser-cut, ensuring durability and longevity.


    • This kit comes with all the necessary components and detailed instructions
    • Easy to install, even for those with limited mechanical experience.
    • It makes your truck appearance more aggressive and enhanced.
    • Provide extra ground clearance for improved off-roading capability and more adventurous trips.
    • Help balance weight distribution for better handling and stability.
    • Extra clearance for larger tires, allowing for better off-roading performance.


    • It can be relatively expensive compared to other options on the market.
    • Can reduce fuel efficiency
    • The increased ride height and larger tires can result in a rougher ride.
    • It may not be compatible with other aftermarket modifications or upgrades.

    9. AKM 2.5″ Leveling Kit

    AKM 2.5 Leveling Kit

    For 2006-22 Ram 1500 4WD

    • Provides 2.5 inches of truck front lift
    • Fits 2006-2022 Ram 1500 truck with 4WD
    • Strut Space type
    • Easy to install in 2 hours with instruction

    And last but not least is the AKM. Equipped with a 2.5″ lift, it sits at No. 9th on our list of the best leveling kits for your 4WD Ram 1500. 

    AKM is well known to effectively levels the front of the vehicle and deliver a bolder and more aggressive stance. 

    Speaking of highlights, the AKM 2.5″ leveling kit is simple to install with all instructions provided. Additionally, 

    It is compatible with most aftermarket suspension components so that you can customize your truck’s suspension setup to your liking without a hassle.

    The AKM 2.5″ leveling kit delivers impressive results when it comes to performance. It shells out a noticeable improvement in ride quality, smoothing out rough roads and improving handling. It also enhances the look of the Ram 1500, giving it a more aggressive stance that will turn heads.


    • The leveling kit is designed for easy installation with basic tools.
    • Its 2.5″ lift helps balance the truck’s weight distribution for a smoother ride.
    • It delivers a more aggressive and sporty look that stands out.


    • Some owners have reported the kit’s incompatible with specific aftermarket suspension components.
    • The leveling kit can reduce the towing capacity, making it less ideal for those who frequently tow heavy loads.
    • The leveling kit may cause alignment problems, so it better get realigned.

    Key considerations when choosing a leveling kit for Ram 1500

    When selecting a leveling kit for a Ram 1500, it is crucial to consider the following:

    1. Compatibility: Ensure your leveling kit matches your Ram 1500 model and year.
    2. Lift amount: The amount of lift you want for your Ram 1500 is a personal preference. Consider how much lift you want and whether the leveling kit you are considering provides that amount. Remember that leveling kits usually offer only 1-2.5 inches of lift.
    3. Quality: Look for a leveling kit made of high-quality materials, such as steel or aluminum, which will be more durable and reliable.
    4. Price: You know how much you want to spend, so that we won’t bluff on this.
    5. Installation: Consider whether you want to install the leveling kit or have it installed professionally.
    6. Tire size: The lift from a leveling kit may allow you to use larger tires. Ensure the tire size you want to use is compatible with your chosen leveling kit.
    7. Performance: Consider how the leveling kit will affect the performance and handling of your Ram 1500 both on and off-road. If you plan to use your truck for off-roading, look for a kit compatible with high-quality aftermarket shocks to improve performance.

    Understanding Ram 1500 leveling kits

    Leveling kits are modifications to your truck’s suspension that lift the front end to be level with the rear end. It can improve the look of your vehicle and handling and make room for larger tires. Most people install such kits to correct the factory suspension, which can cause your truck to sit lower in the front than in the back.

    How do leveling kits work?

    Leveling kits work by adjusting the height of the front suspension. It is achieved by installing new springs, spacers, or shock absorbers that raise the front of the truck. The result is a leveled truck that sits evenly on all four wheels, giving it a much more aggressive and streamlined appearance.

    Why use leveling kits on Ram 1500

    There are several reasons for that. Firstly, leveling kits can improve the handling of your truck and provide extra ground clearance for easier driving on rough roads and in off-road conditions. 

    Secondly, leveling kits allow for larger tires, which can improve the traction of your truck and give it a more rugged look. Besides, it can also enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle, making it look more aggressive and sporty.

    Types of leveling kits

    There are several different types of leveling kits available for Ram 1500 trucks, including:

    Spacer Kits: These are the simplest and most affordable type of leveling kit. They consist of spacers installed between the top of the shock and the bottom of the spring, effectively raising the front of the truck.

    Spring Kits: Spring kits are a more advanced leveling kit that replaces the stock springs with longer, stronger springs. This allows for a more pronounced lift, making room for larger tires and improving the handling of your truck.

    Shock Kits: Shock kits are the most advanced leveling kit, offering a lift and improved shock performance. The new shocks work in tandem with the new springs, resulting in a much smoother and more controlled ride.

    How to Install a Leveling Kit on Ram 1500

    Now that we had a look at our top picks let’s learn the ins and outs of installation. This guide will provide an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide to installing a leveling kit, including the tools and equipment needed and common mistakes to avoid during installation.

    Tools and equipment needed:

    • Floor jacks
    • Jack stands
    • Vice grips or pliers
    • Ratchet wrenches
    • Sockets
    • Other basic hand tools

    A step-by-step guide to installing a leveling kit:

    1. Jack the truck using a floor jack and place the jack stands under the designated points.
    2. Locate the bolts that hold the leveling kit in place: two on either side of the frame and one at each tie rod end.
    3. Remove the bolts using a ratchet wrench and socket. Use ViceGrips or pliers to hold onto the bolts while removing them.
    4. Carefully remove the old leveling kit and replace it with the new one.
    5. Replace the bolts and tighten them using the ratchet wrench and socket.
    6. Carefully lower the truck using the floor jack and remove the jack stands.
    7. Test drive to ensure that the installation was successful and there were no issues.

    Common mistakes to avoid during installation:

    • Not using jack stands to support the vehicle while working under it.
    • Losing nuts or washers during the installation process.
    • Dropping heavy parts onto yourself or the vehicle.
    • Not properly tightening the bolts can result in the leveling kit becoming loose over time.
    • Not testing the vehicle after installation to ensure that everything is working correctly.

    By following these steps and avoiding these common mistakes, you can successfully install a leveling kit on your Ram 1500. 

    However, if you are not confident in your ability to complete the installation, it is always best to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

    Tips for a successful installation

    Here are some tips to ensure a perfect installation of a leveling kit on a Ram 1500:

    1. Gather all necessary tools and equipment before starting the installation process. You will need floor jacks, jack stands, Vice Grips, ratchet wrenches, and socket sets.
    2. Make sure to have a clear, level surface to work on. It will make lifting the truck and accessing the bolts and nuts easier.
    3. Read the instructions carefully and understand all the steps before starting the installation. If you are unsure about any stage, seek help from a professional or consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
    4. Take your time and work slowly. Installing a leveling kit can be challenging, so taking your time and being precise in your movements is essential.
    5. Follow the instructions closely, including torque specifications for bolts and nuts. Over-tightening or under-tightening can damage the suspension or other parts of the truck.
    6. Inspect the kit before installation to ensure all parts are included and in good condition. Stop the installation and contact the manufacturer if you find any missing or damaged parts.
    7. Be sure to support the truck securely with jack stands when working under it. Never rely solely on a floor jack for support.
    8. Check the truck’s alignment after installation and have it professionally aligned if necessary. Learn more about truck alignment here.

    Over to you!

    So there you have it. Remember, investing in a high-quality leveling kit will ensure long-lasting results, so choose wisely and don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. With the right tools, patience, and elbow grease, you’ll be driving a perfectly leveled Ram 1500 in no time!

    What does a Leveling Kit do for a Ram 1500?

    A leveling kit level out the uneven stance of the truck and increase the ground clearance, allowing for larger tires. The kit raises the front of the truck to match the height in the back, removing the factory rake and providing a more aggressive look. 

    What’s the cost of installing a leveling kit on a Ram 1500?

    The cost to install a leveling kit on a Ram 1500 can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of leveling kit being installed, the cost of labor in the area, and any additional parts or modifications it may require. 
    A leveling kit and installation cost can range from $150 to $1500. Getting a quote from a trusted mechanic or dealership is best to get an accurate estimate for your vehicle and location.

    Do leveling kits hurt your suspension?

    Leveling kits can impact your suspension, but the extent of the impact depends on the type of kit, the size of the kit, and how it’s installed. When installed correctly, minor changes to a vehicle’s suspension should not cause significant damage to day-to-day driving. 

    However, for off-roading, towing, carrying large cargo, and more aggressive driving, the suspension could negatively impact, causing increased wear and tear.

    Besides, it’s rare, but leveling kits can cause increased wear on ball joints and reduce the overall life of a truck.

    What size leveling kit do you need for the 2022 Ram 1500?

    The answer is; it depends. It depends on your desired lift height and the look you want to achieve.
    A 2-inch leveling kit is the most popular size for street trucks and daily drivers. A 3-inch leveling kit will give your vehicle a more aggressive look and feel and is a good choice for off-roading or if you want your truck to sit higher than stock. A 4-inch leveling kit is the largest size commonly available, giving your vehicle a noticeable lift.

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