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4 Best Headers For 5.7 HEMI Charger Reviewed

If you’re the proud owner of a 5.7 HEMI Charger, you know that power is the name of the game. And what better way to improve your car’s performance than with a set of headers?

There are a lot of different headers on the market, so it can be tough to figure out which ones are best for your car. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below are four of the best headers for the 5.7 HEMI Charger. We’ve chosen these headers based on their quality, performance, and price. So whichever you choose, you can be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. But first,

Should you buy a short or long tube header?

Shorty headers are an excellent option for a 5.7 HEMI Charger because they provide improved performance and sound without sacrificing too much ground clearance. They’re also relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for many car enthusiasts.

Long tube headers are another excellent option for 5.7 HEMI Chargers. They offer even better performance and sound than shorty headers and create more torque and horsepower.

Both types of headers, however, have their own drawbacks. For instance, a shorty header can be challenging to install and may not fit some models of Charger. Additionally, they may not provide as much performance or sound as long tube headers.

On the other hand, a long tube can be more expensive than short headers and may require more ground clearance, which can be a problem for some drivers.

Reviewed: Best headers for 5.7 HEMI Charger

1. BBK Performance 4028 Shorty

BBK Performance 4028 Shorty


  • Header type: Shorty 
  • Model Fit: 2011-17 Dodge 5.7 HEMI Charger
  • Tuned Length – 1-3/4in 
  • Expect up to 10 additional horsepower to your car
  • CNC mandrel bent header for maximum performance
  • Improves the power and sound
  • Premium chrome plated finish 

If you’re looking to add some extra power and style to your 2011-2017 Dodge Charger 5.7 HEMI, look no further than the BBK Performance 4028 Shorty exhaust header. This header is designed to improve airflow and performance.

It’s treated with a CNC mandrel bent for maximum power and is available in a chrome-plated finish. It is also tuned in length, meaning it is 1-3/4in size. The shorty headers increase your exhaust flow and give additional horsepower and torque. Customers have given this product high marks for its quality and performance. Still, some have complained about the low-quality construction that caused frequent leakage.


  • Adds 10-15 more horsepower
  • CNC mandrel bent for maximum performance
  • Chrome plated finish adds an attractive touch to your engine bay


  • Few customers complained of low-quality material that caused leakage

2. BBK Performance 4046 Long Tube

BBK Performance 4046 Long Tube


  • Header type: Long Tube
  • Model Fit: 2009-2022 5.7L HEMI RWD Charger Models
  • 1-3/4-Inch Long Tube Headers
  • Mandrel Bent Manufacturing
  • Heavy-Duty 14-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Flange Thickness of 3/8 Inches

The BBK Performance 4046 headers are an excellent option for those looking to improve the performance and sound of their 5.7L HEMI Charger. Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and featuring a polished chrome finish, these headers are designed for easy installation and provide increased horsepower and torque. Additionally, the long tube design helps to improve performance and sound, making them an excellent choice for any driver looking to upgrade their Charger.


  • Adds extra horsepower and torque
  • Easy Installation takes less than about 1 hour.
  • Superior quality construction and thick make
  • Sport a superb modern chrome finish


  • Takes extra ground clearance compared to shorty

3. Stainless Works CR3319 Long Tube

Stainless Works CR3319 Long Tube


  • Header type: Long tube
  • Model Fit: All 2006-2022 V8 HEMI Dodge Charger
  • 1-7/8-Inch Long Tube 
  • Catted Mid-Pipe
  • CNC-assembled using 304 stainless steel
  • Excellent Horsepower Boosting
  • Roaring Engine Style
  • Not Approved By CARB

There are many reasons to consider Stainless Works CR3319 Long Tube headers for your Dodge Charger. First, they are CNC-assembled from 304 stainless steel for superior strength and durability. Second, they offer an excellent horsepower boost, making your Charger even more powerful. Third, they feature American-grade construction, so you can be sure they will last. Fourth, they have a roaring engine style that can turn heads. And fifth, they maximize air circulation for optimal performance. Finally, they come with a 24-month limited warranty for your peace of mind. It’s one of the most expensive options on this list, but it’s worth the price tag if you’re looking for a complete performance upgrade.


  • 1CNC-assembled from 304 stainless steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Offer a remarkable horsepower boost, making your Charger even more powerful.
  • Feature American-grade construction, so you can be sure they will last.
  • Have a roaring engine style that is sure to turn heads.
  • Maximize air circulation for optimal performance.
  • Come with a 24-month limited warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Not legal in California or other states adopting similar regulations.
  • More than twice as expensive as other headers mentioned in this list.

4. Flowmaster Scavenger CR2177 Shorty

Flowmaster Scavenger CR2177 Shorty


  • Header type: Shorty
  • Model Fit: 2009-2022 5.7L HEMI Dodge Chargers
  • Excellent performance improvement
  • 1-Inch to 3/4-Inch Primary Tubes
  • 3/8-Inch Thick Laser Cut Flanges
  • Silver Ceramic Coated
  • Intended for Racing Use
  • Not CARB-Compliant.

If you want to improve your 5.7 HEMI Charger’s throttle response, power, and efficiency, then you need a good set of headers. And the Flowmaster Scavenger CR2177 Shorty headers are a great option. These headers are made from stainless steel and feature 1-inch to 3/4-inch primary tubes and 3/8-inch thick laser-cut flanges. It’s designed to replace the restrictive factory manifolds and produce an impressive engine sound. Flowmaster is silver ceramic coated for durability. However, they are intended for racing use only and are not CARB-compliant. So, if you live in California or another state that adopts similar regulations, you’ll need to find a different set of headers. But if you can use them, they come with a one-year limited warranty. And they’ll fit the 2009-2022 5.7L HEMI Dodge Chargers.


  • Improves Throttle Response, Power, and Efficiency
  • Produces a good engine sound
  • Stainless Steel Construction for durability
  • Silver Ceramic Coated for even more durability
  • Intended for racing use, so you know they mean business


  • Not CARB-Compliant, not legal in California or other states adopting similar regulations
  • One-Year Limited Warranty isn’t as long as some other options
  • Fits 2009-2022 5.7L HEMI Dodge Chargers, so if you don’t have one of those models, you’re out of luck

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What is a header, and what does it do for your car engine? 

A header is a component of your car’s exhaust system. It is responsible for collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinders and directing them into the exhaust pipe. Headers are typically made of stainless steel or cast iron. They can be either short or long, depending on your car’s engine size. Longer headers are usually more efficient than shorter headers.

Why is a header necessary?

Headers are essential because they help improve your car’s performance. They can increase horsepower and torque, and they can also improve fuel economy. Headers can also make your car’s engine sound louder and more aggressive.

How do I choose the correct headers for my car?

Choosing the proper headers for your car can be a difficult task. Many different types and brands of headers are available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. So, how do you choose the correct headers for your car?

The first step is to determine your car’s engine size. Headers come in two main sizes: shorty and long tube. Shorty headers are designed for smaller engines, while long tube headers are designed for larger engines.

Once you’ve determined your engine size, you need to decide what type of header you want. There are three main types of headers: street legal, racing, and off-road. Street legal headers are designed to meet emissions standards while racing headers are not legal in all states. Off-road headers are designed for use in off-road applications only.

Finally, you need to decide on a brand. There are many different brands of headers available, each with its own set of pros and cons. So, do your research and find the brand that best meets your needs. For your ease, we have mentioned the top 4 headers available in the market for the 5.7 HEMI Charger.

How do you install a new header on your car engine, and is it something you can do yourself at home without special tools or expertise?

Installing a new header on your car engine is a process that can be done by anyone with basic mechanical skills. All you need is a set of wrenches and some basic hand tools.

Before you begin, ensure you have the right tools and supplies for the job. You will need a set of wrenches, sockets, and ratchets in standard sizes. You will also need a torque wrench to ensure the bolts are tightened to the correct specifications.

If this is your first time installing headers, it might be best to have someone help you out. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it can be difficult to do it yourself. But with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to do it like a pr

If you have any 5.7 HEMI engine-related issues then visit our fixing section for help.

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